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io-Ball Video: Introduction

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The io-Ball (a development version was used with the codename "Ballooning-Ball") and io-Ball training method is introduced to the international public. The underlying principles of the io-Ball and different exercises are explained by Johanna Fellner.

There the advantage of the new elliptic form is made clear. By different positions of the io-Ball it is possible to train specifically, whereas a perfect and conform challenge for each level of training arises. After you understand the principle and the effect of the io-Ball, there is no limit to your creativity. Enjoy Johanna Fellner and the introduction of our io-Ball.

io-Ball Video: Basic Training

Get prepared for our next io-Ball video.

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io-Ball Videos

Soon we will be able to offer you more io-Ball videos. We would like you to understand this new io-concept even better and you can use some of the suggestions for your personal io-Ball training.

The io-Ball DVD is here!

As of now you will find the new io-Ball DVD with Johanna Fellner in our shop. In more then 33 minutes you will be introduced to the io-training concept. Experience the many new possibilities which are caused by the unique elliptic form. Due to maximum efficiency at all exercises you increase your fitness level faster then before.

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