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io-Ball: The elliptical Fitness-Sensation

io-Ball | Fitness-Sensation | ioBall The most modern training methods ask for conditions, which are specially adjusted for a certain action. For the most effective use in fitness, sport or rehabilitation the usual form of a ball had to be replaced by something new. The result is the io-Ball® with his unique elliptic form.

The award winning io-Ball is the new fitness equipment for your body and soul. Even at reasonable price and its being compact, it offers a highly effective training which is unique in its effect and can be used by everybody. It is a completely new concept which can be realized optimally with the io-Ball. Why it is like that we will explain on those next pages. Please have a look at our io-Ball videos, to fully understand the practical use.

With our muscles and our own body weight power is forced onto the io-Ball and passed back to your body again. The reactive surface of our io-Ball forces the muscles to a permanent counter-reaction, to keep either a certain position or to be able to make movements save and efficient. The counter-reaction is done by our muscle system automatically. In an instinctive and natural way an optimal ensemble acting of the muscles takes place.

The io-Ball increases your stamina, coordination, strength, rapidity and flexibility. Known trainings – for example Pilates or isometric training – reach a new quality and intensity by using the io-Ball. In addition to it the explosive and rapidity can be increased. This happens through stretching, bending, stopping and rotating movements. This variety helps that the io-Ball is a special part of the new cardio-core training-concept.

io-Ball DVDs: Your personal Fitness-Training

io-Ball DVDFitness and Sport: This DVD offers an incomparable and effective workout for every sophisticated fitness- and sport enthusiast which does not leave any wishes open. Model your muscles, burn your last unnecessary fat, improve your mobility and coordination – be only in top form. Experience a training which will surprise you by its possibilities and extreme effectiveness. You will soon understand why the Ballooning fitness wave is more then a trend.

Golden Age Fitness: Our specially developed and tuned trainings programme for seniors offer finally an extensive basis for you to enjoy the best time of your life in best health and fitness. Experience a training which is gentle and audible. Improve your possibilities: mobility, coordination, muscle power and your cardiovascular system is supported. It is never too late to start with training and it was never so simple!

Fitness Programme for in between: The trainings programme for in between is tailored for people with not much time, but who want to do the best for their personal fitness, without changing the daily routine or any other moves. Learn how to do something good for your fitness in short working breaks at the office, at home or under way – in a very uncomplicated way. The training is specially for easing back problems, cramps or blood circulation problems and the maximum power capacity in daily life can be maintained. All DVDs are available in our shop as of now!

Andrea Burkhardt: Inventor of the io-Ball

Andrea Burkhardt's io-BallOur upright walk is a masterpiece of evolution. It is not for granted to maintain this achievement and asks for an optimal solution. I see it as my task to develop it.

Modern life has a negative influence on our body. Sitting activity mould our daily life and a lot of us suffer of lack of motion. Today we have to compensate mal-postures as well as lost motion intelligence by specific training. My io-Ball was developed specially to remove those problems. The training has to be learned easily, effective, simple, applicable everywhere and for every grade of fitness and age.

When developing the io-Ball all was perfectly coordinated. The elliptic form has proved as optimal in our tests because due to the resonance results of this form it is specially challenging. Due to different alignments one can reach maximum variation-possibilities from sport to medical rehabilitation. The training intensity can vary from soft to sweaty. The possibilities are boundless and offer a big freedom for your own creativity.

Our website should answer you many basic questions and give you a good overview of the application possibilities. If you have additional questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me. We really like to help you and am sure we can turn your ideas into reality. I am looking forward to your feedback and I wish you lots of fun with the io-Ball - your Andrea Burkhardt.

Flexistab & Schwingstab

Schwingstäbe, Schwungstäbe, Flexi fun der Flexistab : gesundheitsbewusstes Kraft und Ausdauer-Training

Schwungstab-Training hat einen festen Platz im Kursprogramm von Fitness-Studios und Sportvereinen. Aber auch zuhause oder auf der Wiese können Sie mit Schwingstäben effektiv trainieren. Lesen Sie mehr ...

Verbraucherinformation zu Schwingstangen

Die Idee des aktiven Schwing Stab hatte die Erfinderin Andrea Burkhardt im Jahr 2001.

Dahinter steckt das Prinzip, einen besonders hergestellten Schwung Stab von der ungefähren Länge bis 150 Zentimetern und einem Durchmesser von circa bis zu neun Zentimetern durch eigene Körperkraft zum Schwingen zu bringen. Die Vibration des Stabes spricht Muskelgruppen an, die reflektorisch Anspannung zeigen. Die Erfinderin entwickelte als Grundlage Ihrer Erfindung optimale ... Lesen Sie mehr ...


Was ist eine Low Carb Diät?

Low-Carb-Diät-life sind Diäten, deren Prinzip eine Reduktion des Kohlenhydratanteils der Nahrung ist. Die meisten dieser Diaeten zielen auf eine dauerhafte Umstellung der Ernährung. Bekannteste Low-Carb-Diät ist die Atkins-Diät.
Lesen Sie mehr ...

Das erste Ziel für ein neues Ich

Das erste Ziel für ein neues Ich ist es, sich selbst ein wenig zu fordern und die Gewichts Ziele erreichbar zu stecken. Abnehmen kann so leicht sein. Das schafft jeder!

Hier ist die neue Atkins Schlankfood mit der in wenigen Worten Ihr Körper eingestellt wird, um mehr Fett zu verbrennen und um Ihre Gesundheit zu verbessern.
Lesen Sie mehr ...

Diätlife Ernährung

Zu jedem effektiven Training gehört auch eine effektive Ernährung. Wir empfehlen Ihnen die sensationelle Diätlife Ernährung. Sie ist für jeden geeignet: Männer, Frauen, Alte, Junge. Das Prinzip der Diät beruht auf einer reduzierten Kohlenhydrat-Zufuhr in Verbindung mit einem ausgeklügeltem Konzept, um den Stoffwechsel umzustellen. Die Diätlife Diaet gliedert sich in vier Phasen, die insgesamt nur wenige Wochen dauern. Ziel ist es, die Ernährung in Zukunft nach dem Prinzip der vierten Phase auszurichten, um dauerhaft schlank und gesund zu sein und Seine persönliche Kohlenhydratbalance zu finden. Die Kohlenhydrat-Experten helfen Ihnen dabei.

Insgesamt ist das Diät-Programm mit den Diätlife Produkten eine Kombination aus einem Fitnesstraining und dem Befolgen des zugehörigen Ernährungskonzepts. Tipps und Tricks für den Alltag mit der finden sich unter

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io-Ball BodyART | a class of its own

ISPO BrandNew Award Finalist: io-BallBodyART - today's most advanced training system - now combines its ultimate strengths with the io-Ball. Experience a whole new level of intensity - experience a new world that is beyond your imagination and ultimately find out what it's all about. BodyART's Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Lè invite you to join a class of its own: io-Ball BodyART.

ISPO BrandNew Award 2007

ISPO BrandNew Award Finalist: io-BallThe ISPO BrandNew Award Jury, composed of international fitness experts, has nominated the new io-Ball as finalist for the ISPO BrandNew Award. We want to express our thanks for this honour. ISPO BrandNew Award

SHAPE: io-Ball Article

SHAPE honors io-BallOnce again the Magazine Shape dedicates its attention to the io-Ball. Edition 11/2007 shows about Core-Ballooning, how to get a dream waist in only 15 min training per day, using the latest and most effective method. Johanna Fellner shows you how to achieve a perfect slim stomach by using soft pressure. Join in!

Introduced in FIT FOR FUN

FIT FOR FUN: io - The Fitness EggThe FIT FOR FUN edition 8/2007 dedicates this article the io-Ball. The various possibilities to use it offers regarding FIT FOR FUN the best requirements for a mobile training. FIT FOR FUN states, that the "mobile fitness egg" has all the rights to be finalist at the ISPO BrandNew Award and for getting that Award.

Glamour says: "Ideal-Ball"

Glamour: io-Ball is the Ideal-BallThe August edition 2007 introduces the io-Ball in the category "Feel fine News & Trends". The compact extent and the elliptic form result – for the experts of Glamour – a unique training equipment - the "IDEAL-BALL".

Recommendation by Jolie

JOLIE: Summerfit with io-BallIn the June 2007 edition of the Lifestyle Magazine the io-Ball is introduced in an article. In this topic "This is how you get summer fit" the most variable and most effective fitness trends are introduced. For an integral training they recommend the io-Ball. "Either at home or at the beach – with the help of specially developed exercises it trains the body integral".

Review in FÜR SIE

FÜR SIE: io is fitness with fun!io-Ball was tested in the August 2007 edition of the well known Magazine FÜR SIE. The review was about compact fitness equipment which can be used without the need to visit a Fitness centre. Final words: "Fitness with fun!"

Look forward to "io-Ball Foundation" with international Top-Presenters: Doro Giera, Johanna Fellner and Marcus Schweppe.

Wonderball & Magic Wand

How can you improve an already optimal training? This question is asked in many reports at the moment. More and more the combination of io-Ball and the Staby swing pole is mentioned. We are very happy about it, but we are not really surprised by it. Those two fitness equipments are both based on the basic principles of resonance-training, only with Staby the coordination of the upper part of body is taken care of. In combination with the effect of the io-Ball hardly any claim remains unfulfilled. Staby "Magic wand"

Cardio-Core Interval-Training

The new and highly intense Cardio-Core training concept is a special interval-training, where different equipments are used, to reach highest effectiveness and variety. We want to introduce you to the new Cardio-Core concept and their experts. Cardio-Core

SHAPE Special

In the magazine SHAPE (11/2006) you will find a io-Ball Feature on the pages 32 to 37. Johanna Fellner presents 14 exercises for backaches, which are made up of mobilization-, stabilization-, strengthening- and stretching exercises. Additional back-tips for everyday are given.

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