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io-Ball | Cardio-Core Fitness | ioBallThe new Cardio-Core training-concept is a special interval-training where different equipments are used, to be able to reach an utmost of effectiveness and variety. We will introduce the new Cardio-Core concept and their experts.

You don’t have enough time for a really effective training? We have something for you!

Cardio-Core is the ultimate interval-training for your whole body. The functional strengthening of the all muscles are in the centre of training. At the same time it is the optimal cardio-muscular training. The new Cardio-Core training method sets big value of stability- and posture building. The stabilisation is reached by a special polished back- and trunk training, which is completed by stretching exercises. The permanent changing of cardio/cycle- and strengthening units results in an extensive improvement of stamina, stability, power and elasticity. Cardio-Core therefore is an overall training, which is absolutely new in this form.

All strengthening exercises include several muscle groups, partly sub divided into different centres of gravity. The specific efforts of different resources like the io-Ball, Staby, Steps, Tubes, dumb-bells and other equipment offer a big variety of attractive exercises with only one result – a top fit body.

The cardio parts in between like (walking, jogging, dribbling, knee-lifts, tendling, afro-running, straddles) are done with the io-Ball. When doing the cardio-sequences, the io-Ball helps to better control, centre and precision. Stretching, bending, stopping and rotating movements train the explosive- and fastness power. There is hardly a training which is more effective at the lowest time spent then Cardio-Core. The offered variety gives a really high motivation.

Cardio-Core Doro Giera

Cardio-Core | Doro GieraIf we call somebody power-full then it is Doro Giera! With her energy, which one can call explosive, she leads the course participants to their borders and across it. The Cardio-Core training gives Doro the possibility to live her energy and to challenge the participants fully.

Being a sport-scientist and specialist for Dance and Move she has more than just the fundamental basis for Cardio-Core training, which gives the fitness sport a new dimension by using the complexity of different equipments.

Specialized on io-Ball and Staby fitness equipment, Doro Giera is a master of today's most modern training methods.

Cardio-Core Marcus Schweppe

Cardio-Core | Marcus SchweppeMarcus Schweppe is specially popular because of his temperament and the way he can motivate the participants to go further.

On stage he lives his Brazilian-German temperament when presenting and carries them away with highest professionalism and variety. Being an expert as Capoeira-Fit trainer he knows only too well what it means to show explosive- and fastness power. The Cardio-Core training does that in a combination with special stretching exercises - presented in perfection by Marcus Schweppe.

Enjoy Marcus at Cardio-Core and io-Ball trainings all over the world!

Cardio-Core Johanna Fellner

Cardio-Core | Johanna FellnerJohanna Fellner impresses by her versatility. From quiet Yoga to challenging workout she sets accent and manages to show the participants the finenesses. Cardio-Core offers the possibility to bundle all those capabilities.

As former top gymnast she has the special knowledge of modern training methods which train the whole muscle apparatus. Totality training is a concern, which can be converted specially with Cardio Core.

The very concentrated way of training with Johanna shows understanding for the complex Cardio-Core connections.

Cardio-Core Toni Nemeth

Cardio-Core | Toni NemethToni Nemeth comes from show business. Being a choreograph it is his job to prepare new and spectacular choreographies for Pop- Acts in Live-Shows and Video-Clips.

Toni has manifold awards in presenting. His successes start from "The best Newcomer" to "The best male presenter". One of the highlights in the fitness scene is the "Sport and Fun Convention" in Munich which he personally organised.

He sure makes a highlight out of every event, which nobody will forget. His background as choreograph gives him the special capability to precisely organize the course of moves without loosing the overview in the very demanding Cardio-Core training system.

Cardio-Core Nicole Gibbard

Cardio-Core | Nicole GibbardNicole Gibbard has been working very successfully within the fitness branch. She is responsible as regional Group Fitness Manager of the "Holmes Place Health Clubs" in Switzerland. She is presenter for the well known Les Mills Body Trainings system. Nicole is trainer for aerobic and fitness since the year 2000, holding 30 courses per week and showing 15 different fitness programmes.

Her energy and unbelievable enthusiasm to motivate the participants and to take them to increased performance brought her into the Cardio-Core team.

On top of all now she has the possibility to develop the very demanding Cardio-Core interval training with all her energy.

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The perfect sound for the tough Cardio-Core workouts is available now. 67 min. of hard beat will drive everybody ahead and motivate them to highest performance. Define your borders new and reach the absolute maximum at Cardio-Core Training.

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